At the end of 2017 we were really struggling, it took sheer determination and the belief of our friends and fans to overcome the challenges that awaited us. We would not have believed that in the space of a year we would be where we are now. To celebrate this last year and to say a huge thank you to you all, we’ve created this monumental masterpiece of madness. Come take a look back at our journey through 2018 with us…

Thank you to everyone involved.

Parental Advisory is available from –

The Breach

An unsuspecting woman receives a silent and creeping visitor…

Thank you to everyone who takes the time to watch the WHOLE film. This project has turned into more of a look into people’s lack of patience and attention in this modern day which is not what we had originally intended. Nevertheless, whichever version of The Breach that you end up watching, we hope you enjoy it…

The Breach is the 2nd short film from the team behind the award winning short film – Patient 13.

Official selection – The Great Northern Creative Expo 2018

Starring – Edward Bretherton and Elaine Minnie Fellows

Directed by Gary Coogan

Written by Matthew Bennett


In the buildup to our album launch we created two videos which we are extremely proud of.

The first of these manages to show off our merch and our album, and includes a special guest appearance as well as a history lesson plus a trailer for the album launch. All in just over five minutes –

The second is a video that was months in the making…

Months before creating this I had the idea of growing my hair and making a video about me getting it cut. We ended up allowing people to vote on what hairstyle I should have. We gave them five choices.

This video turned out much better than we could have hoped. It is the most complicated and longest video that we have made so far. It is also my favourite –