Flip The Dog

Flip was a dog. A very happy dog. And he was a very happy dog because he got to spend all day doing what he loved best…

Flip loved to flip. From the very minute that he woke up to the very second that he fell asleep.

Flip, flip, flippity, flip.

But this flipping wasn’t to everyone’s taste.

Next door to Flip lived a fluffy cat called Fluff. Fluff couldn’t stand it when Flip went flippity-flipping.

Fluff was always saying, “Stop that Flip! I really don’t like it when you flip like that Flip.”

But Flip would ignore Fluff and Fluff without fail would fluff up in frustration.

One day Flip thought to ask. “Why do you get so fluffy Fluff?”

“I fluff, because you flip Flip, and when you flip Flip it flippin’ fluffs me up” Flip flipped and ignored the frustrated and flabbergasted and fluffed up fluffy Fluff.

Fluff furiously flailed in frustration then flopped to the floor. “Stop flipping flipping Flip!”

Flip didn’t falter as he frolicked, flew and flipped. “I flip, because I Flip love to flip and if you don’t flippin’ like it Fluff then you can flippin’ fluff off!”

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