The Darkness and the Supernova

In the deepest darkest depths of this world, where the lights would never reach, there lived a lonely little Darkness. The little Darkness would spend his days drawing lines in the dark. Creating pictures in shades of only black. When he wasn’t creating something from nothing he would be watching the twinkling lights that hung in the sky up above him. He would watch them spin around each other, burning, flaring and dancing. He would wonder what they were doing and he would wish that he could dance with them.

And one day he got his chance…

He was sat watching them when a small light broke away from the others and began to grow in size, it drifted closer than any light ever had, until a dancing Supernova hung in the air above him, eyes brighter than anything else in the sky. The whole spectrum of colour swept over the land below and the little Darkness looked around in awe. He had never seen anything like this before.

His little mouth hung open.

“I like those.” The Supernova pointed as she spoke, each word bursting into tiny bubbles of light. He looked down and for the first time he saw the outline of himself. On the ground that surrounded him were a million perfect pictures of nothing, drawn in emptiness.

“Wow.” Was all he could think to say.

The Supernova smiled and hovered closer.

“Walk with me.” She whispered.

They walked and for the first time he saw the world in which he lived. The brilliant sights were burned into his mind. They sat side by side next to a glittering river and together they watched the other lights dance through the sky.

“They’re pretty aren’t they?” Her words were like fireflies.

“More than I could ever describe.” The little Darkness could not take his eyes off her. They spoke about nothing but every word was imprinted in his memory.

Then it was time for the Supernova to leave.

The little Darkness couldn’t help himself and the words fell from his mouth. “I think you’re amazing! You’re beautiful and you’re gorgeous and you’re brighter than anything I’ve ever seen before!”

The Supernova smiled in surprise. “You’re an angel, aren’t you?”

“Can I see you again?” The little Darkness fidgeted as he waited for her answer.
She nodded.

The light slowly faded as the Supernova flew back into the sky. In the gloom the little Darkness smiled. He’d never been called an angel before. He imagined the dark wings he would have and he imagined flying away with the Supernova. He replayed every memory, word and moment and he revelled in the fireworks that lit up the darkness inside him.

She came back to him the day after. He’d been thinking about her dazzling colours and doodling in the dark when she appeared.

“I’d like it if you drew something for me, one day.” The little Darkness nodded and smiled. He would have created anything for her.

They walked and talked, and every moment was captured perfectly in his mind again. He wondered if she was experiencing things the same as he, was the world as vivid for her too? Then, all too soon, it was time for her to leave and he watched her slowly fade into the sky.

When he slept, his dreams were alive with colour.

He expected to see her every day after that but she never came. He saw her in the distance. A painfully bright light. His dark little heart had leapt into his throat and he waited, ready to show her the new things he had made. After hours of watching, he had finally managed to tear his eyes away from the sky and he had left his drawings where they lay in the dirt.

The fireworks kept him awake that night, they wouldn’t stop exploding in his mind. She didn’t appear the day after, or the day after. He began to think he would never see the Supernova again when…

He opened his eyes one day to find her hanging in the air just out of reach, her eyes burning brightly.

“Hey, you okay?”

The Darkness slunk away, his outline was not something he wanted to see. It reminded him of everything that he wasn’t.

“I’m okay.”

“Walk with me.”

They walked and they talked but the colours could not make the Darkness smile today.

“What’s wrong?”

“Why do you talk to me? I’m not like you. I’m different.”

The Supernova stopped and took his hand in hers. She wrapped herself around him and for a moment the little Darkness ceased to exist, his outline disappeared and he was full of light. He burned and he felt alive and it was the most beautiful feeling he had ever known. They were entangled for mere moments but it felt like forever.

Then it was over…

She stared into his dark eyes when she spoke. “I promise I’ll be back.”

“You don’t need to promise.”

“You’re an angel, remember that. Don’t forget to smile.”

The Darkness couldn’t hold her gaze. “I’ll try.”

She faded away.

The Darkness couldn’t get the colours out of his mind. All he wanted to do was hold the light, even if only for a little while. He wanted to let it consume him.

When he woke he watched the sky but she didn’t come. Nor the day after. For days and days he watched but none of the lights came close again.

From inside his mind he heard her voice. “I’d like you to draw something for me…” He knew then how to make her return. He would do what he was best at, he would make the most amazing thing that he could. He got to work, he pushed himself harder than he ever had before. Creating lines and curves in shades of nothing. He worked for days and was ready to collapse when from deeper in the dark a voice came…

“What are you doing?”

“I’m making a gift for the Supernova.”


“Because I want her to come back.”

“She’s not coming back.”

“She is, she promised.”

“You’re not what she wants. You should be happy that you got to see something that not many get to see. You got to experience the light.”

“But all it did was make the darkness darker… I didn’t realise how dark it really was here. I just want to be part of that world. I want to be full of colour.”

“But that’s not where you belong… you belong here. You can’t exist there.”

“She could be my Supernova, and I could be her Darkness.”

“That’s not how the world works.”

“But that’s not fair.”

“I know…”

The voice fell silent and the little Darkness was left alone again. He thought for a moment about what the voice had said. In his dark little heart he knew the voice spoke the truth, but right now he couldn’t admit that to himself.

He was so tired, but he dug deep inside himself to where hope lay and he used it to give him the energy that he needed. He worked tirelessly to create something that would surely make the Supernova want to stay, something that would show her the beauty that she made him see. He crafted the most spectacular picture of her eyes from the fiery blackness, painting with a darkness that was ablaze with hope. If she happened to look down, he knew that she would see her bright eyes, reflected back in the nothingness.

Finally, he was done and he was exhausted.

He sat in the centre of it proudly. He knew she would love it. He spoke to her memory. “I made this for you.” The memory smiled and touched him and he was filled with light.

“Thank you, it’s beautiful.”

And he waited…

And waited…

With his arms wrapped around himself and with her eyes burning brightly in his mind, he waited for the Supernova to return.

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