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Sleep Tight

Tyler - Sleep Tight Picture

With her hair brushing against my face,
And her breath upon my lips,
She told me this…

“I used to want to live forever,
But now I can’t wait to die,
I’m tired of all this pain,
I’m tired of collecting scars,”

I asked her what it was she loved,
And she told me she loved the stars,
I placed my hand over her heart,
And whispered back to her…

“Close your eyes and take my hand,
All that I can offer are pretty words and empty air…”

She shut her eyelids and entwined her fingers in mine…

“When the time has come, and our time is up,
I’ll wait for you if you wait for me,
So we can dance across the universe,
Tearing through the fabric of reality,
Imagine sparks, imagine smiles, imagine sorrow and suns,
Imagine what we’ll become,
In a cosmos full of chaos,
We’ll weave through gravity and space and discover the edge of night,
Playing catch with asteroids and comets,
We could race against the starlight,”

She smiled at my foolishness…

I told her that together we could fly,
We could be phantoms of light waves and laughter,
We could be a dragon made of particles, photons and atoms,
Maybe even achieve the impossible and see a happily ever after,
Let’s surf the supernovas and watch the beauty of obliteration,
Let’s orbit the event horizon, see the wonder in annihilation,
Let’s swim our way through nebulas and weather cosmic storms,
We’ll unravel the mysteries of everything and take on another form,
We’ll unlock the secrets at the heart of time,
Hear the roar of beauty,
And exist intimately inside infinity,
We’ll witness the pulse of the pulsar, witness a whole new spectrum,
And then when we’re done, I’ll find you a diamond sun…”

She stopped me as I spoke,
She smiled sadly at my thoughts,
She blinked and sighed then paused,
Then she said….

“I used to want to live forever,
Now I can’t wait to die,
But I’ll wait for you if you wait for me,
When we reach the other side,”

I handed her my smile,
And told her to hold it tight,
And with her hair brushing against my face,
And her breath upon my lips,
We waited and we waited,
For the dawn of the morning light,


Artwork by Tyler Jade Snibson –