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In a solar system, on the most infinite outskirts of the universe, there lived a very naughty planet called Kevin. Kevin had always been obsessed by the stars that hung like diamonds in the darkness around him. He would have given anything to shine like them.

Kevin was barely old enough to have his own moon, let alone be spinning out of orbit, but…

Like a shooting star he danced across the universe, hopping over black holes, weathering cosmic storms and riding the waves of super novas until one day he arrived.

One million years later, he returned…

“Quasars and crumpets!” His ever glowing mother said when she noticed him trying to slink back into orbit. “What have you been doing? You’re covered pole to pole in dark matter!”

“I’m sorry Mummy. I wanted to be a star…” Kevin sadly shook and continents formed across his surface, “but when I got there I found they were just like us.”

His mother caressed him with sunlight. “Silly Kevin. I know it’s hard to see, but you are a star… everyone’s a star to someone, it just depends on where you’re looking from.”

Kevin thought for a moment, then smiled. “Thanks mum.”

And the universe went on spinning…